Series BMR/54 – Temperature probes with connection head form B and loose screw connection for temperature

Series BMR/54 – Temperature probes
Series BMR/54 – Temperature probes Series BMR/54 – Temperature probes _thermowell


1 x Pt100
Form BUZ Cast Aluminum similar to DIN EN 50446, Form B
The measuring insert is fitted with resistance thermometer 1xPt100 to DIN EN 60751 Class B with 3 wire system.
AISI 316 Ti
from 0 to +200° C



General Purpose.Measuring lubricant oil, water cooling and seawater circulation system. This is the internal element without protecting well (thermowell) with high resistance against vibration (according to IEC 68-2-6) 

Measurement Insert Outside Diameter Immersion Length Process Connection Temperature Range Article No
1 x Pt100 7mm 80mm G 3/4 from 0°C to  +200°C BMR54.0000000
1 x Pt100 7mm 100mm G 3/4 from 0°C to  +200°C BMR54.0000001
1 x Pt100 7mm 120mm G 3/4 from 0°C to  +200°C BMR54.0000002
1 x Pt100 7mm 150mm G 3/4 from 0°C to  +200°C BMR54.0000003
1 x Pt100 7mm 200mm G 3/4 from 0°C to  +200°C BMR54.0000004
1 x Pt100 7mm 250mm G 3/4 from 0°C to  +200°C BMR54.0000005
1 x Pt100 7mm 300mm G 3/4 from 0°C to  +200°C BMR54.0000006
Other technical characteristics (length, diameter, process connection etc.), available upon request.



ISO 9001


ISO 14001



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