PFA-SS-PFA 3X1,5 mm2 Teflon - Braid - Teflon (up to 260C)



PFA-SS-PFA 3X1,5 mm2 Teflon - Braid - Teflon (up to 260°)
Tinned copper strands
Teflon PFA
Teflon PFA
Up to +260°C
IEC 332-1


The insulated with Teflon and braid cable, used in applications that require the difficult combination of resistance to high temperature (up to +260 ° C), good chemical resistance, mechanical stress and tightness (internal braid).
Widely used in: Marine and Heavy Industry

Cable Design   Technical Data  

Tinned copper strands

Standard:   IEC 332-1
Conductor Insulation: Teflon PFA Insulation resistance: 300/500 V
Color code of conductors: Red – Red – White Temperature  at conductor: from -190°C up to +260°C
Stranding: In Layers Rated voltage Uo/U: 300 / 500V
Wrapping: Polyester tape (PETP foil) Flame retardance test: IEC 332-1
Outer Sheath: Teflon PFA    
Color of outer sheath: white    
Outer diameter: 6mm    

* Instead of fglass fibre tape it is avaible as glass fibre braid



ISO 9001


ISO 14001



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