SIHF-GLS(GLP) Silicon - Silicon - Fibre glass - Braid (up to 180C)

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SIHF-GLS(GLP) Silicon - Silicon - Fibre glass - Braid (up to 180°C)
Flexible copper wires, tinned; IEC 60228 Class 5, TS/DIN EN 60228 Class
Silicone rubber compound, EI2
Up to 200ºC


This silicone insulated and glass fibre taped and steel wire braided armoured cable is used as mobile connecting cable for equipment where high temperatures can arise as well as for ambient air temperature between -60°C and +180°C.

With its glass fibre braiding it has more service life and to the flame resitance according to normal silicone cables . Also this cable is used in all areas where installation conditions are very difficult and have high mechanical loads e.g in ship building, power plants, cooking plants, glass and ceramic works, foundaries, for high power lighting fixtures etc.

The armour above the sheath, steel wire braid serves as protection against mechanical traverse loads and act as a magnetic screen against interference. The galvanised steel wires are free of corresion and oxidation.

Cable Design   Technical Data  

Flexible copper wires, tinned; IEC 60228 Class 5, TS/DIN EN 60228 Class

Temperature Conductor:   up to 200ºC
Conductor Insulation: Silicone rubber compound, EI2 Temperature Range: Fixed: - 60 °C ~ + 180°C
Mobile: - 25 °C ~ + 180°C
Lay-up: Cores laid up in layers of optimum pitch (Test voltage (AC 50 Hz): 2000 V
Inner Braid: Tinned copper braid Rated voltage Uo/U: 300 / 500V
Outer Sheath: Silicone rubber compound, EM9 Standard: Designed according to VDE 0250, DIN VDE 0282-15 and TS HD 22.15 S1
Outer Sheath Colour: Oxbrown-red Insulation resistance: Min. 20 MΩ.km
Core identification: Acc. to TS/DIN EN 50334 black cores with white numerals with green/yellow after 5 cores Min. bending radius: Fixed: 4 x D
Mobile: 7,5 x D
Armour: Galvanised steel wires of optimum coverage Flame retardance test: IEC 60332-1 & EN 50265-2-1
IEC 60332-3 & EN 50266-2-4

* Instead of fglass fibre tape it is avaible as glass fibre braid



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