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Series RM/12 – Temperature probes with plastic PC housing for outdoor application
Series RM/10- Temperature probe with plastic PVC housing for Air-Duct/Pipes
Series RM/11 –Temperature probes with plastic PC housing for outdoor application
Series RM/13 – Temperature probe with plastic PC housing for indoor application
Series RM/14 – Temperature probes with junction box for Air
Series RM/20 – Temperature probes Twin Resistance thermometer for water ingress Alarm systems.
Series CB - Temperature sensor for Heat pumps & Energy saving
Series CB/10 – Temperature probes with PVC connection cable
Series CB/11 – Temperature probes with Silicon connecting cable
Series CB/12 - Temperature probes with Teflon connecting cable
Series SUR/11- Surface Temperature probes is an adhesive foil sensor.
Series CB/14 – Temperature probe with single conductor polypropylene insulation and overall thermoplastic connecting cable.
Series CB/13 – Temperature probes with fiber glass/braiding connecting cable.
Series SUR/25 – Flexible Silicon Surface temperature probes with PFA insulated extension cable.
Series SUR/26- Surface temperature probes with flexible silicon rubber patch molded onto a Teflon lead wire.
Series SUR/27 - Surface temperature probes for cylindrical surfaces (pipes) easy and quick installation and low thermal mass.
Series THR/11 -Exposed tip thermocouple with fitted Mini plugs connector.
Series RM/15 – Temperature probes with wall mount heads
Series RM/30 – Temperature probe with Eexd terminal Box
Series BM/11- Temperature probes with connection head form B Open Air measurement
Series SUR/10- Surface Temperature probes is an adhesive foil sensor with terminal box IP65. Fitted analogue transmitter 4-20mA
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