Series BK/10– High temperature probes with terminal head form KNE with ceramic tip

Series BK/10– Incinerator temperature probes
Series BK/10– Incinerator temperature probes bk_10_521869633
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1 x S /1 x R / 1 x N / 1 x K
10 x 2mm / 15 x 2mm
Screwed pipe point 3/4 BSP
Weatherproof with screw on cover and chain
The measuring insert is fitted with thermocouple according to Class 2 to DIN EN 60584
C799(KER 710)
Metallic 15mm(for ceramic tube 10mm) / 22mm(for ceramic tube 15mm)
from 0°C to +1600°C


General Purpose.Used for measuring temperature of primary and secondary combustion chambers. Application includes oven, incinerator and furnaces. Mounted with either sliding flange or with compression fitting (see section accessories)

Measurement Insert Probe Diameter Immersion Length Ceramic Material Temperature Range Article No
1 x S (PtRh-Pt 10%) 10x2mm 250mm C799 from 0°C to +1600°C BK10.6000000
1 x S (PtRh-Pt 10%) 10x2mm 500mm C799 from 0°C to +1600°C BK10.6000001
1 x R (PtRh-Pt 13%) 10x2mm 710mm C799 from 0°C to +1600°C BK10.8000000
1 x N (Nicrosil–Nisil) 15x2mm 370mm C799 from 0°C to +1600°C BK10.0000000
1 x K (NiCr –Ni) 15x2mm 500mm C799 from 0°C to +1600°C BK10.4000000

Other technical characteristics (length, diameter, process connection, etc.), available upon request.



ISO 9001


ISO 14001



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