iTRON 32

4.33333 5 3 Product
Width: 48 mm
Height: 24 mm
Length: 100 mm
Weight: 75 g
Brand: JumoJumo

The JUMO iTRON controller series includes universal and freely programmable compact devices for a large number of technical control applications. It comprises five designs with front frame dimensions of 96 mm × 96 mm, 96 mm × 48 mm in portrait and landscape formats, 48 mm × 48 mm, and 48 mm × 24 mm.
The controllers have an easy-to-read seven-segment display for actual values, setpoint values, or dialogs, with a height of 10 mm or 20 mm depending on the version. Only three keys are required to configure the device. Parameter setting has a dynamic structure allowing automatic application of the values after two seconds. The self-optimization feature installed as standard establishes optimum control parameters at the touch of a key. The basic type also includes a ramp function with an adjustable gradient. A timer function is integrated as extra code.
All controllers can be used as two-state controllers with limit value monitoring or as three-state controllers. The linearizations of common measuring probes are stored.
The protection type complies with IP65 on the front and IP20 on the rear. Electrical connection is made via a pluggable screw terminal strip.
The possible input and output structure is shown in the above block diagram.




ISO 9001


ISO 14001



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