Series BMR/20 – Temperature Probe with terminal head form B with screw in mounting fitting and without extension tube.

Series BMR20 – Temperature Probe
Width: 80 mm
Height: 80 mm
Length: 200 mm
Weight: 1500 g


1 x Pt100 / 2 xPt100 / 1xFe-cuni J / 1xNicr-Ni K / 2xFe-cuni J / 2xNicr-Ni K
100mm / 160mm / 200mm / 250mm /
G 1/2
Form BUZ Cast Aluminum similar to DIN EN 50446, Form B
DIN EN 60751, 2, 3, 4 or 6 wire system & As per EN60584, Class 2 single or double thermocouple
AISI 316 Ti
from -200° C to 800° C

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General Purpose.Measuring temperature in fluids and gases. Indicative sectors, heating, furnace/Kiln, process technology and refrigeration engineering as well as HVAC

Measurement Insert Outside Diameter Immersion Length Process Connection Temperature Range Article No
1 x Pt100 8mm 100mm G1/2 from -50°C to  +260°C BMR20.0000000
1 x Pt100 8mm 100mm G1/2 from -50°C to  +400°C BMR20.0000001
1 x Pt100 8mm 100mm G1/2 from -50°C to  +260°C BMR20.0000002
1 x Pt100 8mm 100mm G1/2 from -50°C to  +400°C BMR20.0000003
1 x Fe-cuni J 8mm 160mm G1/2 from -200°C to  +600°C BMR20.2000000
1 x Nicr-Ni K 8mm 200mm G1/2 from -200°C to  +800°C BMR20.4000000
2 x Fe-cuni J 8mm 200mm G1/2 from -200°C to  +600°C BMR20.3000000
2 x Nicr-Ni K 8mm 250mm G1/2 from -200°C to  +800°C BMR20.5000000
Other technical characteristics (length, diameter, process connection etc.), available upon request. 
Option: with transmitter 4 to 20mA or 0-10V 



ISO 9001


ISO 14001



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