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JUMO eTRON T - Digital Thermostat

JUMO eTRON T - Digital Thermostat



  • Design width 22.5 mm
  • Installation on DIN rail, 35 mm
  • Three-digit LCD display with special characters for °C and °F
  • Measuring input for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, and current or voltage standard signals
  • 10 A relay (changeover contact)
  • Customer-specific linearization via tabular function
  • Heating operation, cooling operation, or limit value monitoring
  • Adjustable switching hysteresis
  • Configuration with setup program




  • Pipe trace heating
  • Simple control of temperatures and other process variables.



ISO 9001



Hemexpo Hellenic Marine Equpment Manufactures & Exporters


W.I.M.A Worldwide Industrial & Marine Association


SEVE Greek International Business Association